I am happy to share a "testimonial" (credit recognition) regarding a professional event where I had the privilege to take photographs of prominent individuals, including German Finance Minister Christian Lindner. As a specialized event photographer, I adhere to a strict privacy code, ensuring that images remain exclusive to the event participants. While I maintain a low profile regarding the events I cover, Miriam took the initiative to tag my colleague and me giving us credit for our contributions. I appreciate her recognition and thank her for acknowledging our work.
"On portraiture, the concept comes from the subject."​​​​​​​ - Annie Leibovitz
Wall image into a gallery, there are two images. One in Norway with clear mirror water reflecting the sky and the mountains into the horizon. A little boat is in the middle of the picture.
The glacier in the background, foggy day, the picture is taken from the sea. In the water are to see the back of 2 sharks. A baby and the adult probably. :)
Above Photo Link To PirateDea @ViewBug Community

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